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Barley groats 1kg



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 Barley groats like a pearl barley are made from barley, it is the core particles, unpolished. Grinding and polishing not using in the manufacture of barley groats, so it is more useful than pearl barley which contains less cellulose. Grains of barley purified from flower films and crushed obtaining grains of different shapes and sizes.

 Barley groats hasn't grades however it is divided by the numbers - on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. More often these numbers are mixed, but sometimes can be found in the sale large or small barley groats. Prior to processing  barley grains are sorted, small, damaged and weed seeds are removed and cleared of various impurities - both mineral and organic.

 Barley like a cultivated plant appear for a long time ago. Scientists believe that barley was domesticated by people in the era of the Late Neolithic. At least, in the Middle East, barley grains have been found by archaeologists which had lain there, according to their estimates more than 11 000 years and there is evidence that on the territory of today's Palestine people ate them already about 17 000 years ago. 

 Perhaps, people have learned to grow it at the same time, when and wheat. Today, cultural barley can be found in the wider area of Tibet to North Africa and Crete,
but wild barley in these places, too, is growing everywhere.
Barley is so widespread, because it refers to the cold hardiness of crops and grows perfectly in the mountains, where farming takes quite risky
due to the specialty of the relief and climate. You can bake bread made from barley flour, however, this is rarely done, because is strongly crumble, and hardens quickly. But in brewing barley it is one of the most popular cultures and grains from it, too, known to all, porridges from them obtained tasty and healthy, if you cook them correctly.


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Barley groats 1kg

Barley groats 1kg