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 Corn flour is high and granular grinding. From the high milling turns slightly grainy bread, more crumbly and dense, from the granular milling turns more soft bread which rises for much better. Corn flour is used for preparation of many national dishes: hominy, polenta, hominy, polenta, ugali, banush, bulamik, traditional Mexican tortillas and others.

 Today, the demand for corn flour has increased It is widely used in the confectionery and macaroni productions It has spread in dietetics by its beneficial nutritional properties. From corn flour cook healthy and incredibly delicious corn bread and children especially liked corn chips.
Corn flour is also popular among fishermen, who use it as bait. On the white river fish corn flour "acts" better than pea flour. That's healing properties of corn flour: it is a good remedy for anemia,it stimulates biliary excretion and intestinal peristalsis, it has diuretic properties.

 Scientists believe that the corn flour helps normalize blood circulation, strengthen the cardiovascular system, slow down the aging process. It removes from the body extra fat and the presence silicon microcells therein improves the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthening the teeth. Bread made from corn flour is the best food for those who suffer from tuberculosis and gastric disorders.

 If you have high blood pressure do not get used to tablets, take 1 tablespoon of corn flour, put on the bottom of the glass and fill up to the top with hot water. Insist all night. In the morning on an empty stomach drink only water (do not stir the thick). Do that until the blood pressure becomes normal.


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Corn flour 1kg

Corn flour 1kg