Wheat flour the highest grade (450) 2kg View larger

Wheat flour the highest grade (450) 2kg



23,00 MDL

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 Wheat flour the highest grade holds a leading position in the consumer market of our country because is different of high nutritional qualities and universal properties. As compared with wheat flour of second grade upon trituration between the fingers it doesn't feel the grains because it is made by a very fine grinding.

High-quality wheat flourt he highest grade characterized by perfect white colour, although sometimes allowed light cream color. Due to the high percentage of gluten from this flour come out very lush and airy sponge cakes and muffins, but benefit for the human body from it almost no - the ash content of wheat flour the highest grade no more than 0.50 per cent. From this flour come out  good confectionery and bakery products and a variety of cakes.


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Wheat flour the highest grade (450) 2kg

Wheat flour the highest grade (450) 2kg