"Beatrice - Com" company offers the following processing services:

1.Grain processing into wheat flour and bran.
2. Processing of sunflower seeds into oil.
3. Processing of sunflower seeds into grist, derived from the remnants of seed after the extraction of the oil, rich in proteins and mineral salts.
4. The processing of corn to obtain corn flour and fine corn flour used for biscuits baking and other backery products, as well as obtaining the corn grits – the main ingredient of traditional Moldovan dish - “sarmale”, a kind of cabbage rolls stuffed with corn grits and minced meat.
5. Premixes used for feeding chickens and egg-laying poultry.
6. Granulation of fodder used for feeding farm animals, cattle and fish.
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Delivery is free of charge in Republic of Moldova within 2-7 days.
In Chisinau and Balti the orders are delivered within one business day.

The courier will contact the customer with a phone call one hour before the delivery at the indicated address.
The order is delivered only to the entrance of the block indicated in the request.
The order is not taken upstairs by the courier.