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Buckwheat flour 500gr



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 Buckwheat flour can be used without problems baking pies, pancakes, muffins, cakes and pies with fillings, which are typically produce from wheat flour.

 Based on a buckwheat flour can be made delicious diet dumplings.
You can make buckwheat flour by yourself at home, it is quite a simple process. You will need to rinse the buckwheat and then grind it in a food processor, to flour consistency. In the industrial production method, at first buckwheat purified from the husk and then milled into flour.

 The benefits of buckwheat flour which you will do at home, and meals out of it is invaluable. Because you miss the grain cleaning process buckwheat from husk as a result you will get more useful flour with bran than purified flour of the store. Remember that buckwheat flour will be different from the flour of a store not only by a darker colour but also for its culinary qualities. Buckwheat flour made at home will be heavier at cooking than the same purified. But this fact won't be affect on the use and caloric buckwheat flour.

 Buckwheat flour is an inexhaustible source of vegetable protein. Such protein as contains all the essential amino acids (lysine, threonine, etc.) is considered the most useful food for our organism. Low in fat and high fiber content makes it an indispensable product buckwheat flour for a healthy balanced diet. The buckwheat flour contains a little sugar and carbohydrates, frequent use of buckwheat helps to clean  the body of toxins and other harmful substances very fast. With an average level (353 calories) of calories Buckwheat flour takes a frequent ingredient in the preparation of dietary foods for people who have diabetes.

 Buckwheat flour contains zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins B, E, antioxidants and rutin. Usual wheat flour doesn't contains and half of useful properties that are in the buckwheat flour.
Caloric Buckwheat flour is 353 kcal.


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Buckwheat flour 500gr

Buckwheat flour 500gr