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Groats for cabbage 1kg



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Stuffed cabbages is a dish of Eastern European cuisine which has counterparts in the Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, is a meat or vegetable stuffing with boiled rice and / or buckwheat wrapped in cabbage or grape leaves. There are many varieties with different fillings. Dishes like Eastern European suffed are widespread in Azerbaijan, Armenia, in the Balkans, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey and Central Asia. Fastening stuffed cabbage is a time consuming process, There is a simpler version of stuffed cabbage, it's lazy stuffed cabbages, which requires less cooking time. Traditionally lazy stuffed cabbages cook in a pan, a cauldron or oven. There are many recipes for preparation lazy stuffed cabbages, the main difference is in the consistency of the finished dish.


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Groats for cabbage 1kg

Groats for cabbage 1kg