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Groats wheaten Arnaut 1kg



15,00 MDL

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Groats wheaten is tasty, nutritious and useful. Groats wheaten calorie content is not too high - 335.5. From this groats is better to prepare a viscous mush.
Groats need to sort out, rinse, pour in boiling salted water and cook under the lid with stirring for 25-30 minutes, then put on a 1 1/2 - 2 hours until ready. It is recommended to mince this  porridge  when is ready and then heat with oil or make from it a casserole. From porridge, passed through a meat grinder, you can also cook cutlets. At the 2 cups of porridge - 5-6 glasses of water.


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Groats wheaten Arnaut 1kg

Groats wheaten Arnaut 1kg