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Rye flour 1kg



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 From ancient times rye bread was one of the main food which attended not only on the tables of the poor Russia population but also rich people.
This is not surprising because rye flour the most meets the needs of the human body.

 Rye flour compared with wheat flour characterized by a darker color and finished products from are kept longer. Baking properties of rye flour directly  depend on gluten content and that component in it too little. Gluten, by the way, answer for elasticity and extensibility of the dough from what depends the volume of the finished bread products its size, shape and porosity structure. In order to compensate fort his deficiency this type of flour recommend to mix with wheat.

 The dough from a mixture of rye and wheat flour during kneading strongly stick to hands that's why to work with him is difficult, but fragrant rye bread worth it. In addition to the bread of rye flour you can also cook muffins, pancakes, biscuits, cakes and gingerbread. And leaven based on this type of flour is an integral part of the delicious Russian kvass.

 Like any other bulk product rye flour needs in proper storage conditions - dry and cool place will be the best option. It is desirable not to put next to it subjects or products with an unpleasant smell otherwise rye flour can absorb them.

Rye and obtained from it rye flour - a truly healthful product. Benefit of rye flour is in the ability to excrete salt, toxins and wastes from the body helping to remove the causes of various diseases. Using in home cooking rye flour compared with wheat flour much lower, though in vain.

It's associated with fairly laborious process of kneading dough and the process of preparation of flavored products. At the same benefits of rye flour in the fact that it contains more protein and vitamins, as compared with the wheat flour.

Energy value for 100 g of product 294Kcal/1230kJ
 Fats 1,9 g
Saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 58,5 g
Sugars 1,1 g
Proteins 10,7 g
Salt 0 g

Preferably consumed before: see on the package.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry and well-ventilated environment, not infested with pests, at a temperature <25 ˚ C and relative humidity <70%.

Made in Moldova
Produced, packaged and distributed by SC "Beatrice-Com" SRL
s. Răuțel, Fălești district

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Rye flour 1kg

Rye flour 1kg